Jim Garvin

Software Developer & Consultant


A software developer & consultant living in North Carolina's Research Triangle. Programming since the age of 8, and helping businesses build software professionally for the past 14 years. His focus is on building working software, the right way.


Full Stack Dev

Builds rock solid systems with emphasis on clean code, low maintenance, workflow automation, and TDD. Deep experience from the bottom of the database to the top of the stylesheets.

User Experience

Designs interfaces that make people happy. Seeks simplicity, consistency, and adheres to the principle of least surprise in all things UI. Builds prototypes based on rough sketches, doesn't waste time polishing PSDs.

Project Management

Works directly with stakeholders to define and solve problems. Knows that most software projects are human challenges, not technical ones. Cares about solving the right problems, and making the right choices.


  • Ruby, Rails, Sinatra
  • Javascript, Coffeescript
  • jQuery, Angular, Raphael
  • Haml, Slim, Sass, Compass
  • Elixir, Cowboy
  • HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap
  • Postgresql, MySQL, Oracle
  • MongoDB, Sqlite
  • Node, Yeoman, Bower
  • Git, Hg, Subversion, CVS
  • Nginx, Apache
  • Mac OS X, Linux, Unix


Three Thirties

Owner, Software Developer and Consultant


Jim provides software development and consulting services to startups and larger established companies that are seeking an experienced, reputable, and highly skilled software developer that can help solve the right problems with pragmatic solutions. See: ThreeThirties.com


Creator, Owner and Developer


LMGTFY is a popular internet meme and website that helps people answer questions that should've just been googled. Interesting components include a live feed of searches going through the site, and a Living Social affiliates ad server proxy to serve targeted deals based on geo-ip lookup. In addition to the web site, there's an iOS app, stickers, and t-shirts.


Co-Founder and Developer


BusyConf is a bootstrapped company that Jim started with a partner in 2010. It's a SaaS that helps conference organizers put on conferences. Conference organizers can run ticket registration and call for proposals through the platform, and publish schedules that are optimized for mobile, tablet, and desktop browsers.

Custom Ink

Senior Software Engineer


Custom Ink is an internet-based custom t-shirt company that let's people choose from a wide selection of products and have their custom designs printed on them. Jim automated, streamlined, and built visibility into the order fulfillment process, overhauled their order queue system and UI, and layed the groundwork for a transition from Big Ball of Mud to a Federation of Services, or SOA.

Eye Street Software

Senior Software Engineer


Led design and development of software for various commercial and government clients including Mobile Discovery, an early endeavor to link physical ads with the mobile world through QR codes. Also worked on large FEMA Logistics and Inventory Management system, which accounted for billions of dollars worth of property distributed in warehouses for emergency deployment.


Co-Founder and Developer


Cubenot was an exploratory bootstrapped company that Jim started with a partner in 2005. They developed several major iterations of enterprise requirements management systems, launched under the trademarked name SamePage. The prototype was developed using Perl, and subsequent versions were developed using Ruby on Rails.

Raytheon, Titan, BAE Systems, General Dynamics, L3

Software Engineer


With a security clearance, Jim swept him through the list of usual DC suspects. Exposed to a wide array of challenges, Jim did these things:

  • Automated satellite imagery library order fulfillment with robots.
  • Ported Joint Chiefs of Staff DSC database from Lasso/Filemaker to Perl/MySql.
  • Worked R&D for systems meant to detect insider threats by monitoring and analyzing behavior data streams and look for anomalies. Big brother, basically.
  • Helped build a simulator to show the performance of consumable inventories based on time phased force deployment for war time planning.
  • Wrote early versions of requirements tracking and management tools.
  • Automated complicated system integrations for USMC SigInt systems, plus Solaris hardening.
  • Reverse engineered digital receiver software protocol, prototyped remote command software for systems.

Jim Garvin — jim@threethirties.com — (571) - 249-3930